Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Illustration by Ryoko Furuoya

Mix and match the face and body, then color them as you wish!  Fit them together in different ways to create limitless combinations and find your favorite.  Touch the hair to switch between 2 colors.  Finished?  Tap to see its reaction.  Learn the names of parts of the body.

She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain

Illustration by Kawazoe Mutsumi

Match the shape in the scroll bar to its pair hidden in the picture! Learn the names of shapes and objects. Over 3 scenes it gets harder as the number of pieces increases and your task changes! Pieces appear in color or a silhouette for endless enjoyment. Can YOU find them all?

Row Row Row Your Boat

Illustration by Toyoda Chiharu

Row the boat left or right to only grab the correct items!  Food or things? Seafood or farm food?  Fruit or vegetables?  Can YOU tell the difference?  It gets harder as the boat speeds up!  Getting good at it?  Try adding a second rower for an extra challenge!

Joy to the World

Illustration by gami

Touch the reindeer to match the pair who shares the same color and shape of nose. The number of reindeer appearing ranges from 4 to 6 to 8 to 12, with 5 levels in all! Can you help Santa by lighting up a bright path for him?

Jingle Bells

Illustration by Kikkawa Keita

Listen and choose the falling balloons. Choose from Easy to Challenging to vary speed and number. They’ll fall crazily, so watch carefully! Tap before it touches the ground and get the right present to the lucky boy or girl! Help give them a Merry Christmas!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Illustration by Seri Norica

Choose presents from Santa’s bag and help deliver them to 5 good boys and girls on 3 different levels. Match the picture on level 1. On level 2, use the silhouette to guess correctly and on level 3 listen and choose the correct present. Spread the Christmas cheer!

I’m a Little Teapot

Illustration by Kawazoe Mutsumi

Tea party! Match the cup of each kid to the correct saucer. Next pour tea up to the dotted line. Tap to take a sip. Spill some? Use the tissue to clean it up. Serve 4 kids over 2 levels. After pouring, add milk, honey, sugar or lemon. Everyone get their fill? Congratulations!

Dry Bones

Illustration by Watanabe Fumi

Match up the bones in your body! Find the right bone and match it to its proper place to complete the whole body! Finish to see the cool “Bone Dance”. Tap the bones to make them dance and take some pics! Tap the head to see both bones and skin. What happens when you tickle him?

Pop Goes the Weasel

Illustration by Toyoda Chiharu

Match up the shoes! The rascally monkey comes chasing the weasel and scatters the cobber’s shoes. Put them back in their place. Careful…make a mistake the monkey will knock them off! Many types and colors over 3 levels. Get them all and the cute weasel cheerleaders will cheer!

Camptown Races

Illustration by Toyoda Chiharu

Play a memory game with cute horses and their jockeys! Level 1 has 6 choices, so match horses with the same mask. Level 2 has 12 choices and level 3 goes up to 16! Finish each level to start the race! The faster you tap, the faster the horse runs! Try to make it to first place!!

Polly Wolly Doodle

Illustration by RYOKO

Coordinate the girls cute outfits and let’s go! Select different tops, bottoms, shoes, necklaces, bags and hair accessories. Choose an item, then scroll to choose your favorite! All done? Press the car button to send them off! Have fun matching for different situations!

Hickory Dickory Dock

Illustration by Rinne

Learn to tell time! See her daily life and compare with your own! Switch between digital/analog and AM/PM. Move the clock’s hands to each hour and 30 minute mark. See the mice and colorful pigeons? Match the time with the clock in your house for easy learning.

Mr. Daruma

Illustration by Rinne

The Daruma is an ancient Buddhist monk. His weird face changes every time you tap it! What happens when you match up all? There’s a huge face behind the sliding screen! Line up all 5 for a surprise. Search for the hidden ninja as well!


Illustration by Kikkawa Keita

A Japanese folktale. Born from a peach, the boy Momotaro heads off to battle the ogres with his friends the dog, pheasant and monkey. First, guess the animal from their call! Guess right and get some cake! Next play Rock Paper Scissors to defeat the ogres! Win against 3 of them and you’re the champion! Read the story as well!

Carp Streamers

Illustration by M@R

Koinobori or Carp Streamers are used in a Japanese festival to wish for boys to grow up strong and healthy. Put the koi in the same order as the ones on the left. It starts out with only 2, but gets harder and harder! Give the kids some delicious kashiwa mochi to eat!


Illustration by min

A Japanese folktale. Drag a player to the ring from left and right and let the Sumo match begin! The side that hits the taiko drum the most wins! Let’s learn the names of the animals. Play together with friends or family! Hakkeyo nokotta! Read the story as well!

The Ogre’s Pants

Illustration by Rinne

Help the ogres and animals put on their pants and bras! I wonder what the next underwear design will be? Hurry and and help them before they catch cold!


Illustration by Shimizu Toshiyasu

A Japanese folktale. Arrange from big to small the creatures from the sea that come out to play. Can you make it all the way to level 10? Let’s learn the names of things that live in the sea. Read the story as well!

The Farmer in the Dell

Illustration by Watanabe Fumi

Look at the people and animals lining up on the left. Who comes next? Tap the figure in silhouette and you’ll get a hint. Let’s enjoy learning about sequences!

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

Illustration by Hashi Asako

If no one is about, the toys happily come to life! Open the door and…shh…! Someone is coming! Don’t move! You can learn the names of many toys.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Illustration by RYOKO

Help the sheep return to the herd by tapping on them and counting to 30. Once you’ve helped them over, try tapping out Do Re Mi on the musical scales! Tap and explore to learn the names of other animals as well!

London Bridge

Illustration by aque

Match 3 different materials together to complete London Bridge and help all 6 friends get safely to the other side. Choose from gold, silver, pins and needles, iron, candy and wood! Careful, if the sections don’t match, the bridge will fall! If you can get everyone across, congratulations!

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

Illustration by aque

Toot toot! Tap the train’s face and numbered balloons will come out for you to pop! Let’s count all 10! While you’re at it, let’s remember the names of other cool stuff along the track!


Illustration by Seri Norica

BINGO the dog has run away! Help us look for him. Which dog is the same as the one on the flyer? Check the color and patterns and choose carefully to find BINGO!

Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

Illustration by RYOKO

Take the chestnuts that have fallen from the tree and separate them into ripe and unripe baskets. After that, separate them into 3 different sizes. Let’s learn to tell differences.

Turkey in the Straw

Illustration by Shimizu Toshiyasu

Did you know that mammals and birds have babies in different ways? Let’s learn which animals lay eggs and which have babies. And all of them love their mommies!

The Wheels on the Bus

Illustration by Hara Pekori

Match the tires by size and shape to the correct bus and put them on. If you put different sizes on the front and back, how will the bus move? And what about square, triangular or even oval-shaped tires?!?

The Muffin Man

Illustration by Rinne

You’re the proud owner of a muffin shop! Get the right muffins to the customers as they order them. If you can sell them all, way to go! Enjoy learning the simple ins and outs of shopping.

Ten Little Indians

Illustration by aque

First touch the little bird, then each time you tap on the tipi, a little Indian will come out. Let’s count all 10 of them! And tap on the totem pole while you’re at it!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Illustration by aque

The spiders are washing down the water spout! Help them get back to their web. Touching insects other than the spiders will get them caught and eaten, so be careful. How many spiders will come out? And by the way, just how many legs does a spider have?


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